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intoducing us.

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Gamers Reunite

FoxFunnies is dedicated to uniting gaming communities and forging ​connections through esports contests. Join us as we strive to bring ​gamers together for thrilling competitions and exciting opportunities ​that lie ahead.

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Introduction 02

Gaming Industry 04

Problems and Solutions 05

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According to a report by Fortune Business Insights, the NFT-based Web3 gaming ecosystem is set to ​account for nearly $614 billion in revenue by 2030 1. The blockchain gaming ecosystem is expected to ​grow by nearly 300% from its current valuation of $154 billion in the next seven years 1.

Web3 gaming introduces a decentralized approach to gaming, where players have true ownership ​of in-game assets, such as skins, characters, and virtual real estate, in the form of Non-Fungible ​Tokens (NFTs) 2. This paradigm shift allows players to earn cryptocurrencies through gameplay, ​trading NFTs, or participating in the in-game marketplace 3.

According to a report by DappRadar and the Blockchain Games Alliance, Web3 gaming projects ​attracted $739 million in investment in Q1 2023 4. By the third quarter of 2023, investments in ​blockchain gaming reached $1.5 billion, with over $800 million going specifically to Web3 gaming 5. ​US-based Web3 gaming projects secured over $4 billion with France, Canada, Singapore, and Hong ​Kong receiving funding in the range of $0.66 to $0.9 billion 5.

Some recent investments in the Web3 gaming industry include:

  1. In March 2023, $214 million was invested in game and metaverse companies 4.
  2. In early March 2023, a group of heavyweight investors, including billionaire Bill Ackman and ​gaming giant Animoca Brands announced a new Web3 venture fund focusing on the metaverse, ​gaming, and social applications 6.
  3. In August 2022, Web3Games, a blockchain-based gaming platform, raised $1.5 million in seed ​funding 7.

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Problems and solutions

  • The current gaming market often limits participation and access, ​favoring only a select few. However, FoxFunnies is changing the game ​by creating an inclusive space where every gamer has equal ​opportunities. Our platform ensures a level playing field by bringing ​gamers together and fostering Gamer-to-Gamer connections. This is ​made possible through the integration of web3 technology with ​existing gaming technologies, opening up new possibilities and ​breaking down barriers for all enthusiasts to engage and thrive in the ​gaming community.
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  • Gaming isn't just about playing video games; it's about ​connecting and engaging with communities. The current gaming ​setup has limitations like country and game restrictions, often ​limiting players to their specific regions. With FoxFunnies, we ​break down these barriers. Using blockchain technology, we offer ​a wide range of games, allowing global communication and ​interaction, so players can connect without being restricted by ​their location.
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catch gold coins
  • In the current gaming industry, esports and tournaments ​often face challenges due to currency barriers. Each country ​has its own currency and banking systems, creating ​obstacles for international transactions. However, with ​FoxFunnies, our $FXN tokens, based on the Binance Smart ​Chain network, can be seamlessly transferred to any user ​worldwide. This process incurs zero costs compared to ​existing financial systems, providing a more efficient and ​accessible way for gamers to engage globally.

team members


ceo and developer

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Felix Johnson

Boasting a solid 5-year tenure in Blockchain ​development, I bring extensive expertise to ​the table. I've successfully contributed to ​over 10 GameFi projects across various ​platforms, showcasing proficiency in Solidity ​smart contracts, React.js, and native ​JavaScript.


Lian, a prominent figure in community ​development, currently excels in roles ​focused on marketing and business ​development within diverse web3 gaming ​projects.

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Coming from a financial background, I have ​contributed to several projects, leveraging ​my adept development skills and strong ​management capabilities. My experience ​includes proficient reporting within the web3 ​industry.

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phase 1

q4 2023

  • Crafting the FoxFunnies ​community involves ​seamlessly integrating ​games, streamlining ​onboarding processes for ​both gamers and users, ​and actively pursuing ​marketing initiatives and ​partnerships.


phase 2

q1 2024

  • Expanding our reach, we're ​listing the FXN token on ​major Centralized ​Exchanges (CEX) and ​Decentralized Exchanges ​(DEX), making it tradable ​for gamers. This move is ​aimed at enhancing the ​overall experience within ​the FoxFunnies ​community.


p​hase 3

q​2 2024

  • Developing the platform ​to facilitate real-time ​scoring and match ​updates for gamers, ​along with instantaneous ​distribution of prizes.

c​oming soon

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FXN Tokenomics

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  • Community Treasury (25%) — Linear vesting for 3 years; controlled ​by the community through governance

  • Founding Contributors (15%) — Linear vesting for 3 years with 6-​month cliff starting after Token Generation Event (TGE)

  • Private sale (10%) — Linear vesting for 2 years with 3- month cliff ​from TGE

  • Early Community Rewards (10%) — Reward for Community ​Members

  • Future Contributors & Future Advisors (10%) — Linear vesting for 4 ​years with 1-year cliff starting after joining the DAO

  • Owned Liquidity (30%) — Linear vesting for 3 years; controlled by ​the community through governance
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Contract address : ​0x62DcA6A44d226359Cc6D24D23f26EBf1da9794C1

Decimals : 18

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